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Bob Thompson, Chief Executive Officer, RT Capital Advisors, Inc.

We are Lending Advisors providing access to various niche lending platforms and channels for Commercial and Residential loan products from multiple relationship sources including Private Money, Private Party, First Trust Deed Investors, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds, REITs and Global Bank Mortgage Loan products.

With over 28 years of Real Estate Finance experience, I know the dynamics of the Mortgage market and can identify, market and execute the Real Estate Financing with the best terms to suit your specific needs. We work with the General Public, experienced Multi-Family Developers, Home Builders, Real Estate Investors, Agents and Brokers providing asset acquisition and reorganization services to their clients on a retail basis.

You will have unique access to No Income Verified-Verified Assets Home Equity Lines of Credit (NIVA HELOCs) in addition to numerous Stated Income Commercial and Residential Loan products provided by proven institutions and sources. 

To learn more about gaining access to these and other niche loan products contact me directly at 1(562) 344-LOAN (5626) for a loan strategy consultation.

Ask for Bob Thompson. 

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